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  1. whistlerstag

    whistlerstag ROM

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    12. September 2004
    Bin ganz neu auf dem gebiet von Knoppix und habe folgende frage: Kann ich das Bootmenü so einstellen, dass, wenn ich nix eingebe windows gestartet wird und ich mir nur bei bedarf knoppix laden kann?

    Immer wenn ich jetzt den rechner einschalte, startet automatisch knoppix und ich muss windows aus dieser liste auswählen.
    Falls mir jemand helfen kann: meldet euch bitte!


  2. Berry16

    Berry16 ROM

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    12. September 2004
    die datei heißt lilo.conf und findet sich in /etc. Als Root Anmelden und lilo.conf mit einem editor öffnen(zb. Joe, Kate) dort den defaulteintrag (default="Linux" ) dieses Startet, hier kann ich auch "Linux(2.6)-2" eintragen oder "WinXP/2k". Ändern in den gewünschten (WinXP/2K). Wenn du dir nicht sicher bist was einzutragen ist steht in den letzten Zeilen der Lilo.conf das (von Lilo) erkannte Windows, nur abschreiben und als default eintragen und dann auf der kommandozeile (Terminal-Programm, findet sich unter System) nur noch lilo eingeben und enter drücken. das sollte es gewesen sein

    # --------------- 'install-mbr(8)', '/usr/share/doc/lilo/',
    # and '/usr/share/doc/mbr/'.

    # +---------------------------------------------------------------+
    # | !! Reminder !! |
    # | |
    # | Don't forget to run 'lilo' after you make changes to this |
    # | conffile, '/boot/bootmess.txt', or install a new kernel. The |
    # | computer will most likely fail to boot if a kernel-image |
    # | post-install script or you don't remember to run 'lilo'. |
    # | |
    # +---------------------------------------------------------------+

    # Support LBA for large hard disks.

    # Overrides the default mapping between harddisk names and the BIOS'
    # harddisk order. Use with caution.
    # bios=0x81

    # bios=0x80

    # Specifies the boot device. This is where Lilo installs its boot
    # block. It can be either a partition, or the raw device, in which
    # case it installs in the MBR, and will overwrite the current MBR.

    # Specifies the device that should be mounted as root. ('/')

    # Enable map compaction:
    # Tries to merge read requests for adjacent sectors into a single
    # read request. This drastically reduces load time and keeps the
    # map smaller. Using 'compact' is especially recommended when
    # booting from a floppy disk. It is disabled here by default
    # because it doesn't always work.
    # compact

    # Default menu for Debian. (Using the images from debian-bootscreen)
    # from Philipp Wolfer <>.

    # Install the specified file as the new boot sector.
    # LILO supports built in boot sectory, you only need
    # to specify the type, choose one from 'text', 'menu' or 'bitmap'.
    # new: install=bmp old: install=/boot/boot-bmp.b
    # new: install=text old: install=/boot/boot-text.b
    # new: install=menu old: install=/boot/boot-menu.b or boot.b
    # default: 'menu' is default, unless you have a bitmap= line
    # Note: install=bmp must be used to see the bitmap menu.
    # install=menu
    # install=bmp

    # Specifies the number of _tenths_ of a second LILO should
    # wait before booting the first image. LILO
    # doesn't wait if DELAY is omitted or if DELAY is set to zero.


    # Prompt to use certaing image. If prompt is specified without timeout,
    # boot will not take place unless you hit RETURN

    # Specifies the location of the map file. If MAP is
    # omitted, a file /boot/map is used.

    # Specifies the VGA text mode that should be selected when
    # booting. The following values are recognized (case is ignored):
    # NORMAL select normal 80x25 text mode.
    # EXTENDED select 80x50 text mode. The word EXTENDED can be
    # abbreviated to EXT.
    # ASK stop and ask for user input (at boot time).
    # <number> use the corresponding text mode. A list of available modes
    # can be obtained by booting with vga=ask and pressing [Enter].

    # You can set a password here, and uncomment the 'restricted' lines
    # in the image definitions below to make it so that a password must
    # be typed to boot anything but a default configuration. If a
    # command line is given, other than one specified by an 'append'
    # statement in 'lilo.conf', the password will be required, but a
    # standard default boot will not require one.
    # This will, for instance, prevent anyone with access to the
    # console from booting with something like 'Linux init=/bin/sh',
    # and thus becoming 'root' without proper authorization.
    # Note that if you really need this type of security, you will
    # likely also want to use 'install-mbr' to reconfigure the MBR
    # program, as well as set up your BIOS to disallow booting from
    # removable disk or CD-ROM, then put a password on getting into the
    # BIOS configuration as well. Please RTFM 'install-mbr(8)'.
    # password=tatercounter2000

    # You can put a customized boot message up if you like. If you use
    # 'prompt', and this computer may need to reboot unattended, you
    # must specify a 'timeout', or it will sit there forever waiting
    # for a keypress. 'single-key' goes with the 'alias' lines in the
    # 'image' configurations below. eg: You can press '1' to boot
    # 'Linux', '2' to boot 'LinuxOLD', if you uncomment the 'alias'.
    # message=/boot/bootmess.txt
    # prompt
    # single-key
    # delay=100
    # timeout=100

    # Kernel command line options that apply to all installed images go
    # here. See: The 'boot-prompt-HOWO' and 'kernel-parameters.txt' in
    # the Linux kernel 'Documentation' directory.
    # append=""
    # Boot up Linux by default.
    default="Linux" # dieses Startet, hier kann ich auch Linux(2.6)-2 eintragen oder WinXP/2k#

    append="ramdisk_size=100000 init=/etc/init lang=de apm=power-off nomce quiet splash"
    append="ramdisk_size=100000 init=/etc/init lang=de apm=power-off nomce quiet splash"

    append="ramdisk_size=100000 init=/etc/init lang=de apm=power-off nomce quiet splash"

    # If you have another OS on this machine to boot, you can uncomment the
    # following lines, changing the device name on the 'other' line to
    # where your other OS' partition is.
    # other=/dev/hda4
    # label=HURD
    # restricted
    # alias=3
    map-drive = 0x80 # die 2 Festplatte. wird die 1. sein#
    to = 0x81
    map-drive = 0x81 # Windows braucht das so#
    to = 0x80

    Bei mir ist XP auf der 2ten Festplatte was windows nicht mag aber mit diesem eintrag gehts
  3. whistlerstag

    whistlerstag ROM

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    12. September 2004
    und was heisst das jetzt genau? wie gesagt, bin absoluter newbie auf diesem gebiet!


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