Endlich: Bf2-Patch 1.01 nächste Woche

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  1. sg69

    sg69 Halbes Megabyte

    Offizelles Community-Update der Bf2-Website:

    Update 1.01 Coming Soon
    That's right, the first Battlefield 2 Update is coming your way very soon. We've kept quiet about this update so far, but today we're going to reveal the major fixes coming with the Update. The best part is, every fix in this update is a result of Community feedback on the demo and retail game release.


    -Fixed issues that caused the Multiplayer Browser to become unresponsive.

    We've added some new functionality and buttons to the Multiplayer Browser that make finding an open game of Battlefield 2 much, much easier. Issues users have encountered involving zero ping servers or browser hangs have all be addressed.

    -Fixed an issue where some game controls were not available to be rebound within the Options menu.

    Some functions previously were not available to be rebound in the Controls Options menus. These items have been added to make rebinding of functions much easier.

    -Fixed a crash with rebinding LMB

    Users who rebind the Left Mouse Button to "Move forward" rejoice!

    With these fixes and more, it should be much easier to get in to a game of Battlefield 2 and that much easier to play it the way you want to play it. Look for this update to be deployed into battle some time next week!
  2. HG a.D.

    HG a.D. Byte

    Da hab ich drauf gewartet oder bzw. wir haben da drauf gewartet.
    Aber erst nächste Woche? :(
    Naja diese Wochenend geht es auch noch ohne Patch. :cool:
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