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  1. Hallo

    Für far Cry gibt es ja einen Patch,läuft der Fehlerfrei und was verändert der.

  2. Rainer04

    Rainer04 Megabyte

    Zu den Patches gibt es FAST immer eine Readme.datei. Einfach mal lesen ...
  3. Marian R.

    Marian R. Viertel Gigabyte

    Da, für den der zu faul ist! ;)

    HINWEIS: Dieses Update wird NICHT benötigt für die neue deutsche Version!

    This patch was released to fix a small number of bugs and to add functionality to FarCry.


    1. We are aware of an issue causing players connecting to an internet based multiplayer game to drop their connection and timeout during a connect. If you find your connection stalling when joining a server, we recommend that players retry the connection until it succeeds.
    2. When hosting games on LAN with punkbuster, please remember to enable pb_sv_lan 1 pb_sv_guidrelax 7.
    3. We strongly recommend players host multiplayer games only through FarCry dedicated server.

    Single player

    - Added toggle modes for Aim and Crouch
    - Fixed numerous small bugs
    - Fixed a crash when attempting to load more than one instance of FarCry
    - Fixed bug with AI autobalance that sometimes caused it not to initialize outside of DEVMODE
    - Fixed issue where player spawns a little higher in the air after a load from checkpoint.
    - Improved AI saving state at checkpoints.


    - Fixed issue with FarCry anti-cheat kicking players connecting to non-similar regions due to post process copy protection
    - FarCry anti-cheat is now disabled by default (replaced with Punkbuster)
    - Added support for All Seeing Eye
    - Added Punkbuster support
    - Added new netcode optimizations, vehicles now use significantly less bandwidth in client to server updates. Mounted weapons no longer generate packets when not being used. Included various other packet compressions.
    - Added network commands to help players tune the network rates for better performance, including the following commands:

    cl_cmdrate – Limit the number of command packets sent from client to server
    sv_maxcmdrate – Limit the max cmd rate clients can specify
    cl_updaterate – Limit the number of update packets sent from the server
    sv_maxupdaterate – Limit the max updates clients can specify
    cl_maxrate – Max bits per second can be adjusted
    sv_maxrate_lan or sv_maxrate (for non lan, ie internet) will limit the cl_rate allowed on the clients
    sv_DedicatedMaxRate – To change the server update speed

    - LAN servers now restricted to LAN IP’s
    - Configurable ubi.com ports sv_auth_port (port directing ubi.com cdkey authentication) and sv_regserver_port (port used to register servers with ubi.com) for admins.
    - Added ability to disable server address publishing with command sv_servertype “NET”
    - Fixed some issues with sv_port variable
    - Open query protocol to allow monitoring of the server with external tools
    - Server config can now be anywhere with any name
    - Improved priority based network system (below a certain limit it was not sending, now it does)
    - Fixed adjustable cmdrate with vehicles
    - Fixed command line joining, there was still a little problem
    - Added some optimizations to UI system drawing/updating
    - Fixed bug where “Join game button” no longer worked in multiplayer UI
    - Fixed issue with dedicated server running on Windows 2003 Server edition
    - Fixed bug when players get out from a vehicle, the player will go in standing pose (no crouch or prone).
    - The message “drop your weapon to take this other weapon” will disappear only when the player go away from this weapon, not immediately.
    - Fixed no pain sounds if an explosion didn’t really hurt the player.


    - Improved shader speed (up to two times faster) for NVidia Geforce FX cards on very high settings
    - Fixed fog bug with NVidia drivers
    - Added support for NVidia NV40 chipset
    - Fixed realtime shadows from blended trees
    - Made improvements to lighting shaders on very high settings
    - Fixed bug with lake reflections
    - Added support fro PS3.0 shader profile
  4. Danke Dir.In erster line ging es mir ob er fehlerfrei läuft.ich weiß jetzt aber das er es nicht macht,mußte das Spiel neuinstallieren.

  5. Persil

    Persil Byte

    :eek: ich glaub, ich muss jetzt nicht auch noch meinen Senf dazu geben :heul: ;)
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