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fritz 3070 router dsl sync probleme

Dieses Thema im Forum "Heimnetz und WLAN" wurde erstellt von lord umbs, 19. Februar 2006.

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  1. lord umbs

    lord umbs ROM

    please helppppppppp

    hello to all, I have a win xp pc connected to a DLS modem (TDSL 430 telekom)and I'm 24h a day in internet.
    I've bought first a netgear dsl modem router(dg834b) and then changed with a Fritz wlan dsl router mod 3070 because of the following problem:
    I've already configured to connect the router in internet.
    the dls cable is connected
    the lan cables of my 2 pc are not connected
    the router syncs to dsl and internet is connected.
    as soon as i connect one or both lan cables into the router the dsl led starts flashing and there is no connection (sync) to DSL.
    when I remove the cables it works again.
    I've already changed all the cables and the network 10/100 cards.
    when both cables are connected the home network is working properly, i can transfer files within the 2 pc and from both configure the router but no0 sync to DSL.
    please help before I apply a 380 Volt cable to both pc and Router and destroy them forever.
    thanks in advance
  2. PicoBS

    PicoBS Megabyte

    Hi Umberto,

    do you use the TDSL modem and the 3070 box together?
    The 3070 is a router / modem on its own and doesn't need an extra modem.

    If you only have the 3070 in use, then it might be a hardware defect. What kind of LAN cables do you use? Crossed cables won't work, so you have to use "straight" ones ...
  3. lord umbs

    lord umbs ROM

    no I just use the fritz 3070.
    and the cables are normal cables not the crossed .

  4. PicoBS

    PicoBS Megabyte

    Okay, then it looks like the hardware isn't working at all. Do you have access to the box with one of the computers? Set it back to factory settings. May be this helps. If not, there won't be a way than changing the box.

    LAN and WAN are two very different things the box has to handle. One can't do any changes to the other. So it really couldn't be a problem caused by plugging the PCs.

    Does the connection work with your ather modems?
  5. lord umbs

    lord umbs ROM

    ok, I've changed the fritz box with a us robotics wlan-lan router (not modem).
    us robotics is connected to my t430 modem.
    when I connect per lan the 2 pc then the dsl led on the modem blinks.
    if I disconnect the cables and connect one of the 2 pc with wlan everything is ok.
    I think that it is something connected to autonegotiation?
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