problemchen mit Mandrake 8.0

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  1. net erschrecken, mein englisch ist nicht so gut. ich freu mich trozdem über gute hilfe :-)

    Many Problems with my mandrake 8.0 installation: (I use the
    mandrake-control-enter and the whole mandrake config-tools)(i am/was a
    native windows user ;-)
    (I am german so use simple words okay? :-)

    1.) Network: i configure an IP-Adress for my ethernet NIC (SIS900- right
    module is installed) but when i logoff or reboot the entries for IP-Adress
    etc. are empty, i can not connect into the LAN.

    2.) Network: where can i confugure the default-gateway and the dns-server
    IPS ?

    3.) http-browsers: every browser (mozilla, netscape, konquerer) displays
    all the fonts too small, and they make sometimes rendering misstakes, so
    only a reload solve this.

    4.) Printer: during the installation i had configured my printer (kyocera
    f800t) an printet the testsite. first the testsite is not complete printed
    (buffer overflow alfter the half page was printed), secondary the
    device-manager in the mandrake-control-center does not display any printer

    5.) Mouse: i have a clone of the MS INtelliMouse Explorer, which has five
    buttons an a scroll-wheel. what can i do to get it run? (still i can only
    use three buttons and no wheel)

    6.) mandrake-control-center: the network-configuring-tab hung up sometimes
    (but the other tabs run still) if i want to delete a profile for my

    7.) star office: star office is now installes at /home/{username}/soffice52
    .must every user on this machine install the 260 MB for star office
    application in his homedirectory? thats waste of diakspace, isnt it? is
    there any way to install at one path, and every user can use ist fom threr
    with personal data and personal configuration in their home-directories?
    waht can i do? (remember i have once installed star offeice (260 MB) at

    8.) the default user i have created during the installation (stefan) has no
    rights to access the cd-rom an the cd-burner. why? what can i do?

    ok so far. as you see i AM a newbie.

    thank you

    Stefan S.
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Es sind keine weiteren Antworten möglich.

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