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  1. k1554

    k1554 ROM

    Hello to all readers of PC-Welt,

    we would like to apologize for the misunderstandings with the new Tiny Personal Firewall 3.0. Originally we intended to create special edition for PC Welt users. That idea turned to be very unfortunate from the support and update perspective. That\'s why we decided to provide all PC-Welt readers with the standard copy of Tiny Personal Firewall 3.0 so that they would be able to benefit from continous development and product improvements - within version 3.0.

    All PC-Welt readers who register on are provided with the key that works on Tiny Personal Firewall 3.0 downloadable from regular download page.

    Tiny Personal Firewall 3.0 is a revolutionary firewall - it is first product that integrates network firewall with application firewall (sandbox) in one product and ultimately protects your computer against to unknown worms and trojans so that they cannot damage your data.

    As such TPF 3.0 may have certain incompatibilities which we try to resolve. Unfortunately one of these incompatibilities was Norton AV on Win98 at a time of creation PC-Welt edition which you got on CD-ROM. We found about it too late...

    Therefore we would encourage all interested PC-Welt readers to download and use the regular copy of Tiny Personal Firewall 3.0 which is subject to constant developement. Also all interested TPF 3.0 users will have discount when the new TPF 4.0 will become available (fall 2002).

    We apologize again for all problems that you experienced and hope that you will enjoy the new Tiny Personal Firewall 3.0.

    With best regards

    Tiny Software.
  2. sri

    sri Byte


    but where is the Virenscanner which should be integrated actually in TPF 3.0 (McAffee), then? Or can another Virenscanner be integrated like in the predecessor Secure4U?
    (I use the regular copy, not the PC-Welt version.)

    Yours sincerely
Status des Themas:
Es sind keine weiteren Antworten möglich.

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