Suse 9.1 SE Installation Disk

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  1. LoggerBoy

    LoggerBoy ROM

    I just bought the issue of PC Welt for the included Suse 9.1 SE install disk. I purchased some months ago Suse 9.0 Pro.

    I have tried for over a week to cleanly install Suse 9.1. I give up!! :aua: I don't know who I should be upset at. After the first install of 9.1 I lost the ability to boot Windows. I tried repairing, and then re-installing Windows. Both attempts failed. Only after using a utility to totally erase my hard drive was I able to re-install windows. With various partition settings I've tried repeatedly to install windows and then Suse 9.1. Every time I lose Windows. With the Yast installer from Suse 9.0 the install works fine. All boot loader files for Suse look OK. The cylinder allocations from the partitioner software of Yast Suse 9.1 and Yast Suse 9.0 are extremly different :confused: :(

    It looks to me like the CD has been produced by Suse Linux AG. It has written on it "ohne Support-Anspruch". Do I buy more PC Welt mags because of CDs? Do I trust Suse to produce a working 9.2 and wait to buy that when recently the versions change so quickly, :jump: for another 50 Euros?

    I've tried Knoppix, Fedora, Mandrake and Suse. So far I was impressed most with Suse in my attempt to migrate away from Bill Gate's monopoly. That is slowly changing. Perhaps I should just do it right and buy a Mac!!!

    Have fun my fellow Fringe Dwellers,


    Kevin Tough

    P.s. I am using the Aldi "Computer des Jahres" purchased at the end of 2001. Suse installs its hardware more completely and correctly than Microsoft XP Home. :bet:
  2. Rattiberta

    Rattiberta Halbes Gigabyte

  3. LoggerBoy

    LoggerBoy ROM

    Hallo Rattiberta,

    I've got up the nerve to try it again. With the Bios change the install is better but still not working. Linux installs nicely and windows boots as well. I should say the first partition "C Drive" is okay. Any other partitions I had in my windows install however, after the Linux install, bring a error when I try to use them. Windows sees them as unformatted and asks to format them. Once I agree and format them the Linux boot no longer functions. I have tried several word combinations on the Suse portal but I don't get any hits. Needless to say my Linux experiences are growing on the negative side. If you see this Antwort then Thanks for the first advice and if you've time to respond to this further problem then great.
    In two weeks I will be at the hobby Messe in Stuttgart and I hope to be able to ask about my problems with the Suse people directly. Maybe I will try it again.

    Take care and have fun,


    Kevin Tough :jump:
  4. Rattiberta

    Rattiberta Halbes Gigabyte

    I think, it´s an Windows-Problem.

    Years ago, I used Partion Magic to prepare a new hard disk.
    I wanted to install Windows on hda1, Linux on hda2 (first and second partiton of the hard disk). After Installation of Windows 98 SE, it said, there is no partion but c:, although there were two fat32-formatted partions at the end of the disk.

    Since that time, I allways install my Linux at the very end of my harddisks and I had no problems any more.

    If you installed SuSe on the last partiton too, I have no idea, what there is going on inside of your computer.:(
    Perhaps, there is a new secret Microsoft-linuxdefense-program, the SuSE-people should know more about it.:D

  5. LoggerBoy

    LoggerBoy ROM

    I'm not so sure it is a Windows-Problem. What is really frustrating :aua: is that my SuSe 9.0 installs perfectly everytime (windows with 1, 2 or 3 partitions). Until this new SuSe 9.1 SE CD installing the new and faster kernel my experiences with Linux were good :) . Now instead of telling my friends I have started using Linux (SuSe) and like it I am almost to the point of saying "unless you've a lot of free time and like diving into workarounds to get this OS up and running, forget Linux.

    Some months after I bought 9.0 (10 months ago) I received a advertisement from SuSe that for 49 or 59? euros I could update to 9.1. Now with the mag from PCWelt I can update to 9.2 for 59 euros. When SuSe Linux updates so often and each time for 59 euros it could start to be an expensive OS.

    I am wondering if SE (special edition) means we will give you a taste but your going to have to pay to get something that actually works the way it should.

    You have assumed correctly. I have as well installed SuSe on the last partition of my drive. Thanks for your advice. I believe I will try to get some answers at the Stuttgart Messe and also lookup the Knoppix people. I've heard some good things about them and after this mess perhaps I can use the new kernel but leave Linux to operate only from my CD drive.

    If I should get an answer from the SuSe people I will post it here if the forum is still open.

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