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  1. pam001

    pam001 ROM


    sorry for the English, I can not write in German.

    I have bought a T-online 1500 MB plan, about a 6 - 7 weeks ago, now I got the first bill/invoice for 80 Euro (counted by minute instead of a 1500 Mbyte limit) !!! I called T-online and the man on the phone said that I used the wrong 'Zugangsdaten' for my connection, the old instead of the new. (oke, maybe I had to read it more carefully, but for a non german speaking internet noob like me it is all very strange)

    However in the Telecom shop they asked me if I would keep the old account/Zugangsdaten and I said that the old one must be closed/stopped. So if they had done that, I should know about 7 - 10 days (when the old account was blocked) that I had to change to the new account.

    I don't think it is fair from t-online to send me a bill for 80 Euro when I use my old account that should be closed. Is there someone with the same problem: did you get back your money, and if, how dit you manage that ?


  2. WebTech Inc

    WebTech Inc Halbes Megabyte

    Was your old plan a DSL connection, too?

    If you just change from one DSL plan to a different one
    you should keep your "Zugangsdaten" with the same username
    and password. Only the cost structure would change, whether
    per minute, per volume or flat rate.

    Maybe you ordered a new plan instead of modifying your existing plan.
    Then it's your responsibility what plan you use.

    What exactly was your old plan?

  3. pam001

    pam001 ROM

    The old plan was just a dail-up (56k) account for a couple (4 - 5Euro) of euro's each month and 0.018-0.020 euro/minute after X hours online.

    So I went from an old 56K modem to a adsl account.
  4. fun44

    fun44 ROM

    I think this could be the basic problem.
    You should also keep in mind: when having a dsl flat rate ( like your 1500 MB) you will be charged extra when using a modem connection ( for example when being ouside in an hotel or so). They bill each access and additional the transferrates.
    I faced this problem too.

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