Video: Die neue Office 12-UI in Aktion

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  1. BBraun

    BBraun Guest

    Der Link zu den Screenshots ist falsch:
    Office 12: Die ersten Screenshots (PC-WELT Online, 13.09.2005)
  2. PK --PCWELT--

    PK --PCWELT-- Redaktion


    vielen Dank für den Hinweis!
  3. cmsiempre

    cmsiempre Byte

    ein echter FREAK!

    00:00 : (crossing arms) I will not be impressed. I have been around the block in IT, seen lots of stuff. I will not be impressed.

    06:14 They know what I've been clicking??? I thought the Customer Improvement Program was to improve Customers!!!!

    07:30 (crossing arms again)

    08:18 Geez, it looks like she's running Windows XP. I thought Office 12 was Vista-only? Maybe you need XP + Avalon + Indigo...?

    09:03 Ok, so tabs are the new black. <rolleyes>

    09:38 What was that magic incantation...?

    10:30 So what, she's hovering over font -- OH. The document is changing as she hovers over each font. Neat.

    12:01 Memo to me: check to see if is taken.

    12:20 Ok, that's cool.

    14:10 Hmmm. Maybe that should be "chik-n-pick," a restaurant where you choose your chicken entree from... a pull down menu?

    16:10 (crosses arms) Ok so it's customizable. <rolleyes>

    17:20 Powerpoint is bor. ring.

    17:53 Whoa. Not so boring.

    18:12 Whoa.

    18:21 Whoa!

    19:05 Whoa!!!

    20:24 Impressive. Oh wait, I wasn't going to be impressed. (crosses arms loosely)

    21:58 Ok, that's useful. Wow, and it works in the other apps.

    23:33 Nice.

    25:30 Nice.

    26:32 Well what would any demo be without a bug...

    29:30 One less checkbox for using Word as your text editor.

    30:08 Was one of those reminders for "Call back Google recruiter"? </joke>

    31:11 Er - there was an edit there. Wonder what she said?

    34:10 What did she say? "Floaty?"

    34:17 Oh this is going to suck so bad. Floaty = Clippy 2005.

    34:27 OH! Cool! Ok, not so bad.

    36:00 Huh. That is pretty cool. I think.

    37:21 (eyes start to fill with tears)

    37:33 I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry. *sniff* Microsoft is sooooo cool. I [heart] Microsoft. *sniff* (wipes nose on sleeve)
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