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  1. PS2000

    PS2000 ROM

    immer wieder wird diskutiert, wie heis die Athlon XP sein sollen / werden dürfen.
    Aber was sagen die Hersteller (ich meine nicht die ...bis zu 95c)
    Weiß da jemand bescheid ?

  2. Steffenxx

    Steffenxx Ehren-Moderator

    Hallo, AMD hat dazu folgendes zu sagen :
    "FAQ 1.4. What Is The Maximum Operating Temperature For My AMD Athlon? XP Processor?
    The maximum operating temperature of an AMD Athlon XP processor can be determined by the processor?s Ordering Part Number (OPN). The OPN is located on the top of the processors See (2.2.a. What does OPN mean?). Example: A X1800 D M S 3 C
    The temperature is indicated by the third character from the right in the OPN and is denoted by an S or T character. Current data for the AMD Athlon XP processor identifies the maximum operating temperature as: T = 90ºC. S = 95ºC.
    2.1. Thermal solutions
    2.1.a What is the normal operating temperature of my processor?
    2.1.b What is the maximum operating temperature of my processor?
    2.1.c What temperature value should be reported by the BIOS?
    2.1.d I am running a temperature monitoring software, what temperature reading am I expected to see?
    Answer (Same for all): Our current AMD processors are specified to have a die temperature of 0°C - 90°C or 0°C -95°C, depending on the CPU model. These are the temperature ranges we specify our products to. We cannot guarantee any reading you get from the motherboard, using the BIOS or third party monitoring software. As a general guideline, the temperature difference between the die and the bottom of the CPU is about 30°C.
    It is worth noting that the maximum temperature of the CPU is reached when running heavy applications such as 3D Games etc? Therefore one should allow an extra 10-15°C for safety if you are reading from the BIOS set up. An approximation to the typical reading from a BIOS or an external software utility is expected to be around 60ºC-65ºC or lower.
    2.1.e Does AMD recommend the use of heatsinks for their range of processors?
    Yes. Never switch on the power to an AMD Athlon or AMD Duron processor without a heatsink and fan installed The use of an AMD processor without a proper thermal solution will result in permanent and irreversible damage to your CPU. To help you to selecting a thermal solution for your system AMD provides a list of heatsinks that have been evaluated and recommended by AMD
    for use with AMD processors. Note: The list is not intended to show a comprehensive listing for all heatsinks that support AMD processors. For the list of heatsinks recommended for AMD Processors please visit the AMD website at the following links.

    Ich hoffe ich konnte Dir helfen. Hab auch noch die Frage zur Kühlung angehängt.
    MfG Steffen.
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