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  1. rzv

    rzv ROM

    I'm sorry for writing in english but I hope you could excuse me. The reason why I do this is that my Deutsch is not very good.

    Please tell me if the following webpage can be accesed from Germany because I was told by some germans that it does not work!!!

    Tlease visit and post back a result... I really appreciate

    Thanks:bet: It's the only way I can find out......
  2. steppl

    steppl Halbes Gigabyte

    Ähh..which website ? (forgot the link..) :D
  3. rzv

    rzv ROM

  4. kuhn73

    kuhn73 Megabyte

    Wenn auch die Seite an anderer Stelle ein Riesenkracher wäre: Forumsregeln

    Die Leseprobe ist trotzdem göttlich... :D
  5. Nevok

    Nevok Ganzes Gigabyte

    Hello rzv

    I can access the website. ;)

    You mean "german", right?

  6. JojoKoester

    JojoKoester Halbes Megabyte

    I can see the website, without any problems.

    I visit your page with the opera browser.

    greets :)
  7. MattafiX

    MattafiX Kbyte

    I have visit this website with Mozilla Firefox an I've got no problems to see the content (pictures, text,..)
  8. Fere

    Fere Kbyte

    I've had no problems opening the site with IE6.
  9. rzv

    rzv ROM

    Thank you very much:) As I said I really appreciate !
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